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SeriousZombiism Pt.I
Selected documentation of works
(performances, collaborations, publications, releases)


audioscript on the persecution and annihilation of Jews in Dresden 1933-1945
A city walk in 13 tracks


‘oelsandfelddestillation’, Radioplay, Radio Arthur, Switzerland
‘BrokenSocialScenario Pt.II / Amoklauf im Wald’ Lecture-Performance, Gallery POW, Hamburg
‘Zombiism as strategy’, Performance, cooperation with HUNGER, Astrastube, Hamburg
’I need your head- this ain’t no rock’n’roll show’, exhibition and production of an essay film on DVD, Festival GROUND3, The Hague
unlimited liability, group exhibition, Hamburg
‘Fame and Glory’, Lecture-Performance, Literaturclub ‘Rodiyssee’,Komet, Hamburg
‘ArtSchoolConfidential’, Lecture-Performance, Kunstraum Vorwerkstift, Hamburg
‘Songs from the Walkmansect’, Performance, w/ Carla Bozulich, Knust, Hamburg
‘Electric Dress’, Performance, Spartacus, Potsdam
(workshops for women in the field of electronic music production and stage technics)
‘I need your head’, Performance, Theaterkate, Gießen
‘The Future of Music, Performance, Symposium ‘Operation Ton, Kongress für musiklische Zukunftsfragen’, Westwerk, Hamburg


‘Evergreens from the Walkmansect’, Performance, MS Stubnitz, Rostock



‘Gute Kunst Interview’, Performance, Kunsthaus Hamburg
‘Containerkaputt’, Performance, Hafenklang, Hamburg
‘BrokenSocialScenario’, Lecture-Performance, Vol.# 3 "Copieren und Verfälschen’, group exhibition,
Künstlerhaus FRISE, Hamburg
Release ‘Evergreen’, DVD, Lecture-Performance and music videos, AtomicTitCorporation
‘Society is a hole it makes me lie to my friends’, Lecture-performance, group exhibition, "unlimited liability",
Exhibition ´EVERDREAM` and lecture performance, Knoth und Krueger, Berlin
Exhibition "Evergreens from the Walkmansect", Kunstverein LINDA e.V., Hamburg
Audioplay and booklet "Evergreens from the Walkmansect - In a puddle of mud"
‘Der dreissigjährige Beat’, Performance, Kalkbreite Zürich
‘Evergreens from the Walkmansect’ ,Performance, Golden Pudel Klub, Hamburg


Release LP "Evergreens from the Walkmansect" on ‘sozialistischer-plattenbau’
Release, series of booklets:
"I need your head-this ain't no rock'n'roll show"
"Nacht des Wissens"
"Hier Itty Marblove-Minchesta, was kann ich für sie tun?"
"Into tha club and out again"
"I can’t relax in Deutschland", Performance, Scheune, Dresden
"Hier Marblove-Minchesta", Performance, Ladyfest Nuremberg
‘Nacht des Wissens’, Performance, Galerie der HfBK, Hamburg


"Songs from the Walkmansect", Performance, Ladyfest, Dresden

"Songs from the Walkmansect", Performance, w/Les Georges Leningrad, Amtrak, Fundbureau, Hamburg
"Songs from the Walkmansect", Performance, Freitagsküche, Frankfurt a.M.
"Songs from the Walkmansect", Performance, Festival Gegenstroem, Nuremberg
‘The sad story of the lost poptumor’ Performance, Exzess, Frankfurt a.M.
"The Headphone-Project" on Tour, Performance, eg. at
Festival Roskilde, Denmark; Paris, Les Voutes; Bordeaux, Zoo Bizarre; Paris, Placard Festival;
Basel, Kaskadenkondensator; Zurich, Sue Ellen Bar; Umbertide Festival, Italy , Frankriijk, Amsterdam; Aalborg, Denmark, Golden Pudel, Hamburg
"The Headphone-Project" and Book release celebration ‘Die Kopfhörer-Sekte’, Metropolis Kino, Hamburg


Release "Die Kopfhörer-Sekte", theoretical and fictional research of the term ‘desynchronization’, artistic strategies in urban space, HfBK Hamburg/stora/ATC
Diploma, Diploma and Performance, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg
(Prof.Michael Haller / Prof. Gerd Roscher / Prof. Sabeth Buchmann)
"2Wett", Performances in France, Germany and the Netherlands


"2Wett", Performances, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles
"BroostKrew", Performance, Ladyfest Hamburg
Touring with "BroostKrew", Gender Tuning in Public, Performance, Milano, Zürich, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne etc.
Launching the webarchive ‘’


‘Brustkrebs’, Performance, Ausland, Berlin; Club 007, Prague; Komm, Nürnberg; Kalkbreite, Zürich; Basel etc.
together with XBXRX/ USA
‘The Poptumor’, Performance, ArtGenda Hamburg
‘Die!Die!Die", Exhibition, ‘Hinterconti", Hamburg
"Sexbomb - Menschen&Atome" ,VHS Shortfilm
"Sexbomb - Menschen&Atome" Graphic-Novel
(HfBK Hamburg/Medienökologie/ATC)


Milleniums-Show w/ Mariola.Brillowska, Felix Kubin and Richard v.d. Schulenburg, Molotow, Hamburg
Touring and exhibiting ‘atombusentransporte’


Mobile Café, tiny book-and recordshop, exhibitionroom, Ultra-Violence- Performances and start of band ‘Brustkrebs’ all based on the discurse of Sex, Gender, Feminism and related politics
Touring with the ‘Atombusentransporter’ through Germany and Switzerland