Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The ATC is proud to present its newest project:


Under the name "HEADPHONE-PROJECT" different projects of ATC-members are carried out but we understand them as related in theory, method, interest.



In order to be further capable to "TUNE THE FUTURE FOR YOU" the ATC has invented a new communication system.It is able to create an interface betweeen people who can provide the ATC with creative(RAW) -DATA and our laboratories where we create new products for you.

This communication system will presented to the public by the ATC-scientists Itty B. Mobile and Dr.Elasto.

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(Introduction to the Headphone-project, examples for and from past presentations, documentations)




Theory and fiction about the use of headphones and their connection to personal portable stereos and mobile phones, to (street)-art, music, desynchronisation, confusion, desire, communication,subversion and affirmation.

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