words are not music body is tags can I get a fag, please?

at the moment i work on this.

-das sind die wichtigsten situationen im leben.
man muss unbedingt schauen, dass man da gerade wieder herauskommt.

will perform for money.



25.11.1983 Elbemündung
Collision, Fire, Average

23.8.1999 English Channe
Collision followed by the burnig of the load

a short and emphatic description of the container and its "revolutionary" role in the history of world trade
a short history of the walkman and the role it plays in media technology and data transfer/ data saving
short description of a walkmansect-member and her reception by the protagonist (in 1st person) followed by an anecdote concerning the toilets of a former school- now a building in the heart of new media- and the gender trouble they have passed through via the shooting of a gay politician, japanese at the octoberfest munich, a queer courtcase and jeff koons.

description of the architecture of the school

recalling how the mickeymousewomen became the mickeymousewomen and noticing her change in clothesstyle.
evian, failure in management-philosophy and failing "round-the-world-services" of container-shipping

rainy days, desperation and the geriatric home of the illuminati

worst case scenario, error and correction, innovation and art
leaving hamburg pt.I and the desire for being able to begin thinking of being able to stop.

being out of trouble is impossible.
trying such is due to force.
impossibility of action.
the state of not doing something.
dostojewski and trouble as romantic imagination.
the state of being permanentely in the wrong trouble.

leaving hamburg pt.II
finally living in a container (box)
notes on fear / being fearful and doggy-bags.
modern middleclass-flats and the indifference between luxury and need, private and public in 1974.
(the lyrics of track nr.5 on the LP)
hamburg by fog and rain, in the foot-steps of elvis and dead queer poets, also passing the after-war paintings of the protagonists mother
is followed by the glueing of an evergreen container onto every possible heartache, abscence, and gentrification wound in st.pauli.

(love and not money
money and not love)
going out to
my partner dr. legasto for creating the city nord and the music of u r still there, arranging like a box, adding pop sounds when needed, helping with the metric of the beats and the graphics, creating the graphics of the evergreen sticker and also the labels.
martin schwendemann for recording the vocals of walkman pt.I, i still have plans, memusic, hamburg is nich schuld daran, walkman pt.II and u r still there.
all tracks were mastered by istari lasterfahrer .
felix wangerin was used as a drawing machine to translate an ATC videostill and torn out cassette tape into record coverdesign.
blei pino silvestre is in the spirit of amtrak.

how minestrone turns into spaghetti in capitalism (alchemy). i used a friends recipe.

containerisation. a hymn.

a chinese tale about/around where to put your attention. (to the camera. and smile. and put the mic to your mouth. and don't get sick. and keep the balance in non-gravity.)
more force being put on you. no experiments. no research.

the security of container transports is higher due to the fact that the contents of the container stay invisible.
hey baby, i'm a star
you see me here
but I'm gone off far
hey baby, sorry can't hear you
music's too loud
I can't be near you
additionally every container is marked with a number consisting of four capital letters- synonym for the owner- and an additional six numbers and one control number.

experiments: (note: we still have resources for them)
schrödingers cat (in a box)
cats in the vocabulary of shipping terminals.
(and the cats in a cradle on a silver spoon)
the synchronity of skipping school and attending school.
and what this had to do with sombodies sisters career at MTV.
the realization that everything is work: (in capitalism)
-watching tv, peeing, being a crook-
especially the use of a walkman.
another recalization: still every container is seriously damaged once a year. (which doesn't make him behave like a rolling stone: a structural problem that is in the following illustrated by the reception of punk rock)
punk rock als chance.
punk as career starter.
the right error at the right time.
maybe marriage
(through the eyes of gay sailors) =
the lovely description of a male ass.

an incident at starbucks, st. pauli.
artists living in poverty share a table with mick jagger. they were there before.
(appropiated from a text by kathy acker who had appropiated it before from somebody else)

DN-2000 by evergreen, the cheapest mp3 player on earth.
(comes with headset and necklace)

der mund ist mir die liebste öffnung im körper.
(a sentence so poetic I cannot translate)

the container has to be seen as a medium of transport and the ship itself as being an subordinate transportator, (....)
and how I planned the building of my own container.

the end: a secret /mystery:
an abandoned but fully functionable ship in the middle of the atlantic.
there is work in the sewing machine, a sleeping cat, still warm food on the table consisting of three cups of tea, a plate of porridge and a hard-boiled egg with no head.

AtomicTitContainer, Hamburg, October 2006